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TONFA 50cm Security Baton

TONFA 50cm Security Baton


In stock (can be backordered)

Made of tough polycarbonate.

Design for law enforcement officer safety


Durable and comfortable

In stock (can be backordered)


Our Tonfa Baton is a solid one  piece polycarbonate unit that provides unique benefits for self-defense compared to straight batons. The classic design is better fitted for defensive strategies versus offensive strategies and gives you additional control to prevent being taken out of your hands. If the baton is dropped it won’t roll away due to its side handle

In law enforcement there’s no room for second guessing, the side handle baton design suited for law enforcement officer safety. It is comfortable to carry and easy to use.

The Tonfa is a very effective attack and defense weapon that is already established as an effective resource to various police forces. The Tonfa  also used in salvage operations after accidents, e.g. for opening wedged vehicle doors or breaking of automotive glass.

Size :

  • 50cm length
  • Handle grip : 11cm long
  • Diameter : 3.5cm

Injection molded
Solid construction.
Bulged ended and profile grips to ensure secure handling.

  • Allows for a larger variety of defensive techniques compared to straight batons
  • Provides extra retention to prevent baton being taken away
  • Will not roll away if dropped
  • Dimensions are 24″ – 50cm long
  • High resistant polycarbonate
  • Weighs 380g

Additional information

Weight0.38 kg
Dimensions49.5 × 15.4 × 3.5 cm


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