CO2 and Air powered weapons have been proven to be one of the most effective ways of crime prevention in many arias and throughout the word.
Xtreme Paintball and Less Lethal Pty.Ltd offer an extensive range of security rounds and less lethal products for Military, Police, Security guards and personal protection. as well as tactical training

Xtreme-Pro Paintball Imports CC – Less Lethal Pty. Ltd

Importers and distributors of Paintball equipment, Less Lethal, security and self defense products. We are also manufacturers of Xtreme-Pro paintball accessories, Tactical gear and Less Lethal  – Riot and Personal Protection ammunition

We have a fantastic range of well known paintball gear brands including  Tippmann, GI Sportz, Empire, JT, First-Strike, Kingman/Spyder, Xtreme-Pro, DYE, Planet Eclipse, Milsig to name a few.

We have cheaper ‘entry level’ paintball guns, as well as the more expensive ‘top of the range’ paintball guns for sale, and have something to suite everyone’s budget.

Pimp yourself out with our ultra cool tactical gear and fantastic mods, We specialize in Tippmann mods, Riot balls, pepperballs and security projectiles.

Please contact us for anything you need related to paintball, if we don’t have it, we can probably get it for you!