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Less-Lethal self-defence CO2 Gas Paintball Guns for personal protection, Non Lethal Pistol, Pepper Balls

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Welcome to Paintball Guns Home Page Distributors of PAINTBALL GUNS and equipment, Less Lethal security and self defence products. We are also manufacturers of Xtreme-Pro paintball accessories, Tactical gear, security products – Riot and self defence ammunition. paintball guns for self defense, Paintball markers and Tactical Gear.

Paintball Markers and Paintball Gun brands:  Tippmann, GI Sportz, Empire, JT, First-Strike, Kingman/Spyder, Xtreme-Pro, DYE, Planet Eclipse, Milsig and Valken to name a few.

We have cheap Tippmann paintball guns/paintball markers and ‘top of the range’ paintball guns for sale,  something to suit everyone’s budget.

Tippmann tech center

Tippmann tech center

We specialize in Riot balls, pepperballs and security projectiles, for home and self defence

Please contact us for anything you need related to paintball, if we don’t have it, we can probably get it for you!

PAINTBALL is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules called PAINTBALLS that break upon impact

Is it safe to play paintball?
The eyes and face are particularly vulnerable during paintball games. That’s why it is mandatory to wear proper masks or goggles that provide full-face protection. Without proper eye protection, there is a risk of severe eye injuries, including corneal abrasions, contusions, or more serious damage.
Equipment needed to play paintball: Paintball mask, Paintball marker, Compressed air or CO2 canister, paintballs, hopper
Tippmann is an American manufacturer of paintball markers and paintball equipment, including military simulation kits and Tippmann Industrial Products
 We are A Certified Tippmann Tech Center – Authorised South Africa Tippmann dealer – Replacement parts for Tippmann – largest range of paintball gun parts in Cape Town South Africa.

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