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Draxxus Rainbow Paintballs

Draxxus Rainbow Paintballs


In stock

Rainbow paintballs are a mix of many different brands that Draxxus makes. You will receive a mix of brands like Hellfire, Dusk, Scorch and Inferno

In stock


Draxxus Rainbow Paintballs mix box of 2000 paintballs

Rainbow paintballs are a mix of many different brands that GI Sportz makes. You will receive a mix of brands like  one star, two star, three star, Hellfire, Dusk, Scorch and Inferno

Draxxus Rainbow Paintballs is a quality paintball ideal for training and field use. While being competitively priced this ball is still made to our high standards to ensure consistency and the right level of robustness for all types of play. The fills are bright, easy to clean and leave a good mark without containing any environmentally questionable ingredients.

***Paint color and shell may change due to what’s in stock in the warehouse.

Rainbow paintball are manufactured by the world famous paintball manufactory GAP run buy KORE outdoor  GI SPORTZ

Paintball products straight from Tippmann Paintball, Empire Paintball, JT Paintball, G.I. Sportz and VForce. Airsoft products from Tippman Tactical. Kore is the biggest company in Paintball with a huge selection of products, ranging from entry, grassroots to Tournament grade, top of the line products!

KORE OUTDOOR Inc. (formally know as G.I. Sportz) was founded by a group of Professional Paintball Players and Business Owners with the goal of delivering the Player, Dealer and Field Owner the most innovative products designed to improve the level of performance, quality and overall playing experience surpassing all other Brands and Manufacturers in the history of the game we all love! Our Staff use their extensive playing experience and business knowledge to create innovative new products evolving and elevating the game to new heights.


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Weight6.68 kg
Dimensions30 × 23.5 × 18 cm


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