Tippmann Sport’s Founded in 1986 is the #1 Brand in Paintball and has been manufacturing paintball products in the USA for more than 31 years. The company serves the global paintball community from its headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as its warehouse near Tournai, Belgium.

Their mission at Tippmann Sports is to produce high-quality, durable, and safe paintball markers and accessories at an affordable price, with their new  company acquisitions Tippmann has become one of the biggest and most profound leaders in the paintball and airsoft industry, and now own most of the smaller companies that were out there trying to compete with excellence. As a result of this some of the golden oldies  or good old bad boys are retiring , for some it will be a sad goodbye, for their proven track record and performance on the field.

Over the past few years and now In 2017 TIPPMANN SPORTS has acquired and Now owns:

  • GI Sportz  – Grill,  V-Force , Profilers paintballs etc
  • Empire
  • JT
  • Spyder
  • NXE
  • Mission Less Lethal

And the list keeps getting bigger with rumors of planet Eclipse joining the Tippmann Family in the near future.

 It’s time to say goodbye to some of the bad boys:

  1. BT4 Combat – Discontinued and replaced by  Empire BT4 Slice.
  2. JT RTP Tactical – Discontinued  
  3. JT ER2 Pistol Soon to become JT ER4 pistol 
  4. Tippmann gryphon –  Red and black editions
  5. Spyder Hammer 7  –  All colors 
  6. X7 Phenom UMP and M16 Editions


This  list will be updated as soon as we find out more………