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Xtreme-Pro Skull Breakers© 500 Round Jar

Xtreme-Pro Skull Breakers© 500 Round Jar


In stock

  • .68cal
  • SOLID Hard paintball gun rounds
  • 500 rounds jar
  • 3.6g Per Skull Breakers© round
  • Military/Self defence –  Less Lethal Security and Military rounds


In stock


Xtreme-Pro Skull Breakers© Are Extremely Dense Injection Molded Nylon Rounds Designed For Maximum Impact And Distance. They Are Also Able To Break Vehicular And Structural Glass Upon Impact During Hostage Or Barricade Incidents And Are Ideally Followed By Pepper Ball Rounds. Please Use Skull Breakers© Responsibly.

Original Skull Breakers are manufactured by Xtreme-Pro and are one of the most spherical solid balls in the world for Less Lethal

Skull breakers are designed for maximum velocity – maximum impact , Less lethal , self defense and  RIOT use

Our .68cal paintball marker Skull Breaker projectiles are available internationally! These balls are premium reusable self-defence projectiles!

Due to its perfect weight & material composition, these balls have great velocity & travels at exceptional speeds, causing maximum damage! These Balls have the capability of penetrating through a watermelon, through a sealed Tuna can, & even through a car window if shot from the correct calibrated marker! Just imagine the insane damage it can cause if used for self-defence! It’s less risky than an actual firearm & no license is required! Which means immediate protection!

Other common names they are often referred to are Breaker balls, glass breaker balls, solid balls, glass breaker rounds,
self defense paintballs, glass paintballs, .68 caliber marbles, nylon paintballs

NB* Xtreme-pro Skull Breakers – solid Balls are intended for lawful security & self defence purposes only. xtreme paintball cannot and will not be held responsible for injury, damage to property or death due to misuse or negligence when using this product.

Additional information

Weight1.800 kg
Dimensions11.5 × 11.5 × 16 cm

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