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Xtreme-Pro Barrel Buff – Red


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Perfect for polishing the inside of your barrel to leave a clean and smooth exit path for your paintballs or security rounds.

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Product Description

Xtreme-pro Barrel Buff  or barrel Maid  for superior barrel cleaning at its best.


  • Material –  Wool composite that won’t unravel
  • Colour – RED
  • Size – 47cm when extended straight.
  • Easy to wash and clean leaving a mirror  finish.
  • New Rocket Disk – All weather  Disk  seal retracts during insertion to prevent the paint from rising up your barrel, then expanding as you pull back to eliminate everything in its path.
  • Molded Shaft –  of squeegee is forged out of tough & flexible composite material with  silicone  joints allowing you to fold 180 degrees



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