Valken is proud to introduce the highly customizable Ripsaw™ Paintball Gun. It’s high impact, Milsim styled composite body… built off of the robust and proven Valken Blackhawk Inline Bolt Platform, is easy to clean and easy to configure to the individual needs of its user.


Versatility is at the core of the Ripsaw™, with its Internal Gas line Dual Air Intakes giving operators the ability to engage the in-built Bottom Line Air Feed or go with a Rear Tank Feed based upon preference. The versatility of the Ripsaw™ extends to the choice of employing either a top-fed Loader or utilizing a magazine from top Brands such as Valken, Dye and/or Eclipse in the magwell of the Ripsaw™ to engage targets with either .68 Caliber Paintballs or First Strike Rounds fired semi-automatically at an adjustable 250 to 310 velocity from a high-performance Cocker Threaded barrel.


While the Ripsaw™ comes standard with top and bottom Picatinny Rails, soft, over-molded rubber grips, a Dummy-Magazine that can be used to hold tools or other small equipment and in three colors. There are a dozen or so accessory options that will be coming to truly make the Ripsaw™ your own.