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Spyder 6 + 1 Pod Pack – Digi-Camo

Spyder 6 + 1 Pod Pack – Digi-Camo


In stock

Spyder Pod Packs are

  • lightweight
  • Functional
  • Affordable
  • Pods not included.

In stock


Spyder 6 + 1 Pod Pack – Digi-Camo. The Spyder 6+1 Horizontal Pod Pack Belt holds 6 pods and 1 gas tank. The belt is included pods are excluded.

This exceptional harness caters to avid paintball enthusiasts, offering a reliable solution for carrying essential gear during intense matches. The Pod Belt combines functionality and style, becoming indispensable for those demanding top-notch equipment.


    • Spyder 6+1 Pod Pack Harness: Holds 6 pods and 1 gas tank for ample ammo and air in intense matches.
    • Included Belt: Enhances convenience with a secure and comfortable fit for agile field movement.
    • Horizontal Loading: Speedy pod access and reloading reduce downtime, keeping players in the action.
    • Stylish Digi Woodland Camo: Provides both style and woodland camouflage for tactical advantage.
    • Pods Not Included: Customize your loadout with preferred paintball pods as they are not included.
  • Added Back Support for Comfort
  • 100% Polyester Construction
  •  Holds 140 Round Pods
  •  Double Stitching for Added Strength
  •  Quick Release Pull Tabs

Spyder Paintball Website

Need Pods for you Paintball Pod Belt CLICK HERE

Additional information

Weight0.520 kg
Dimensions50 × 27 × 4 cm


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