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Spyder Ball Detent #BLS037

Spyder Ball Detent #BLS037


In stock

Kingman SPYDER  Rubber Ball Detent Latch Part # BLS095

Note: this is a direct factory replacement part so it will not void any warranty.

In stock


This specific ball latch will work with many different Spyder paintball guns, make sure to check your manual to make sure you get the correct one.

Kingman SPYDER  Rubber Ball Detent Latch Part # BLS095

Spyder Ball Detent – Balls detents are one of the many parts that can break a paintball marker, and wear out over time. When that happens you will likely start to shoot 2 or more balls per trigger pull and notice larger than normal amounts of liquid paint out the end of your barrel. That’s not as good as it sounds. Unfortunately, when that starts to happen it’s time to replace your ball detents. The Spyder Ball Detents are designed to be soft on the balls, fit like a glove, and get your marker back to running at peak performance. Made from a proprietary rubbery blend of awesomeness, these Spyder Ball Detents will hold your paintballs comfortable and secure for a long time to come.

Soft – Just Right On the Balls. Shoot one ball at a time, and reduce chopping.

Product Features:

  • Essential replacement part for paintball markers prone to detent wear and breakage.
  • Effectively prevents multiple ball discharges per trigger pull, ensuring optimal marker performance.
  • Precision fit designed to securely hold paintballs, minimizing the risk of misfires.
  • Crafted from a proprietary rubbery blend for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Soft on paintballs, reducing the likelihood of chopping and improving overall shooting accuracy.


  • Material: Proprietary rubber blend
  • Compatibility: Spyder paintball markers
  • Function: Prevents multiple ball discharges, reduces chopping
  • Longevity: Designed for extended use without compromising performance.


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