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Self Defence Pepper Balls .68Cal – Ballistic

Self Defence Pepper Balls .68Cal – Ballistic


In stock

  • 10 X Pepperballs
  • Home defence use


In stock


Self Defence Pepper Balls .68Cal – Ballistic  A .68 Calibre pepper ball for Security and Self Defense use.
Pepper balls have specially engineered fracture points to ensure that they break on impact and allow for maximum powder distribution while making sure that balls do not break in the hopper or barrel.
Plastic Tube – 10 Pepper Balls

Introducing the Pepperballs (0.68Cal)- 10 in a tube – unleash your paintball marker’s potential beyond recreation. Embrace the power of non-lethal self-defense by shooting PepperBall Projectiles with precision and confidence. These frangible spheres are meticulously crafted to burst on impact, ensuring maximum effectiveness in critical situations. Designed for use in both carbines (rifles) and pistols, Pepperballs empowers you with a potent and reliable self-defense solution.


  • Used for Self-Defence
  • Fits most paintball markers with a 0.68cal barrel
  • 10 pepperballs per sealed package
  • IMPORTANT: Pepperballs is to be launched at 330ft/s

The Self Defence Pepper Balls .68Cal – Ballistic offer a powerful self-defense solution, fitting most paintball markers with a 0.68cal barrel. Each sealed package contains 10 pepperballs, ensuring you have an ample supply. It is important to launch Pepperballs at 330ft/s to optimize their performance and ensure effective non-lethal self-defense.

Also Available in .50cal pepperballs

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Please note: Pepper Balls are intended for lawful security & self defence purposes only. XP cannot and will not be held responsible for injury, damage to property or death due to misuse or negligence when using this product.
Not for paintball use.
Do not shoot directly at face, neck, spine or groin areas.
Choose Pepperballs 68Cal Tube to redefine your paintball marker’s role, transcending leisure to safeguard yourself and loved ones. Additionally, these non-lethal projectiles empower you to take control in uncertain situations, providing an upper hand in self-defense without causing permanent harm. Equip yourself with the Tube – the ultimate self-defense ammunition choice that harmonizes power, precision, and peace of mind. As a result, elevate your security and confidently navigate through life, reassured by a reliable and potent solution at your fingertips. With the Tube, your paintball marker becomes a safeguarding tool, ensuring your safety while upholding a commitment to responsible and non-lethal practices.
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Weight0.0227 kg
Dimensions11 × 9 × 1 cm


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