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REBALL- 100 RED Soft Rubber Balls .68

REBALL- 100 RED Soft Rubber Balls .68


In stock

  • Reusable Soft Rubber Ball
  • .68 cal works on all standard paintball guns.
  • BAG 100 balls
  • Money saver – just clean and reuse!

In stock


The purpose of the Reball is mainly for practice, target shooting or tactical training use with paintball guns, they are also used in some indoor paintball facilities. Reballs have the advantage of not only being reusable but also not making a lot of mess as they do NOT HAVE PAINT in them – For use in low velocity set guns

Another benefit is that Reballs do not break apart and so they will deliver more energy on target which may be useful in a self defense situation.

Yes it’s true, Reballs don’t need any lubrication. Just clean the balls with water And let them dry before reusing them.

Reballs can be shot hundreds of times without getting damaged


  •  Reusable – money savings
  • Suitable for home games
  • Very smooth surface, No Lubricants or Oils needed
  • No Smells
  • Non-toxic
  • Environment-friendly
  • Can be reused hundreds of times
  • soft (low impact)
  • Shoots from any.68 caliber marker
  • Low cost
  • Material: Soft rubber.
  • Color: red
  • Size:  .68 cal
  • No mess to clean up
  • There is no mess to clean, wash with clear water easily.

Additional information

Weight1.065 kg
Dimensions23 × 22 × 5 cm


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