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Only 1 left in stock

Quick Change 12g CO2 Cylinder Adapter uses  12g disposable co2 cylinders

Comes with a standard thread adapter that is compatible with  all standard paintball guns and markers.

Output of 20 to 25 shots for paintball guns.

Only 1 left in stock


The Quick Change 12g CO2 Cylinder Adaptor uses a single 12g disposable cylinder. It comes with a standard thread adaptor that is compatible with  all standard paintball guns and markers. The 12g cylinder can put out about 20 -30 shots for most paintball guns.

Xtreme-Pro Quick Change Universal 12 Gram CO2 QUICK CHANGER / Disposable 12 Gram CO2 Adapter is a universal 12 Gram Adapter Assembly that screws into any standard paintball markers ASA (Air Source Adapter).

The Xtreme-Pro Quick Change is Fast and  easy  to convert your favorite paintball gun to use 12 Gram Disposable CO2 Cartridges.  giving you that extra 20 to 30 shots when you need it most.

Xtreme-Pro Quick Change is a must for anyone that wants to adapt their marker to operate from 12g disposable CO2 Cartridges.  giving you freedom to use your paintball gun in even the most remote places in the world where CO2 refill places (fields or shops) are just not available.

Simply insert a 12 Gram Cartridge into the Handle and screw the Handle into the Adapter collar and you’re ready to go.   When the cartridge is empty you can quickly unscrew and replace the cartridge.  QUICK CHANGE threads make changing cartridges fast and easy.

No permanent modification is required for installation.

Installation is tool free and as easy as screwing the adapter into your ASA.

Perfect for Less Lethal, self Defence

The Xtreme-Pro Quick Change will give any Milsim Magfed paintball gun and new more realistic look (if you don’t have a tank built into the stock)

Lightweight compact and never without  CO2  unless of course you forgot to stock up on 12g co2 GET THEM HERE

Additional information

Weight0.103 kg
Dimensions12 × 3 × 3 cm


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