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Gi Sportz Paintballs Bag 500 ***

>>>>Gi Sportz Paintballs Bag 500 ***

Gi Sportz Paintballs Bag 500 ***


Out of stock

  • 3 Star  bag of 500 .68cal paintballs
  • Colour will vary depending on 3-Star Paintball stock

Out of stock


A fantastic mix of Paintballs. The perfect solution to a inexpensive paintball for recreational play and practice tournament/speedball play. You get a straight shooting paintball and a bright mark with this bag of paintballs. Start improving your game play now with this affordable paintball made by the best paintball manufacturer in the world (GI Sportz).


Full BAG of Paintballs (500 Rounds)

Eco Fill  Paintball

Shell Color of Paintball: Colour  and pattern will vary. you may also receive one colour in a full bag of 500 paintballs.

There is NO WARRANTY expressed or implied on paintballs of any type or brand. We inspect all paintballs and make sure they are in perfect condition before they are shipped to our customers. Please realize that a few balls may be broken in transit. It happens from time to time. Paintballs are somewhat fragile and if some of them broke, that just means that a few of them just couldn’t handle the trip. Its just not worth trying to ship the balls back to us because of the shipping costs involved. So it’s cheaper and faster just to clean the balls off yourself so you can actually get out and play. Here are instructions on how to clean paintballs. Keep in mind that paintballs are not “squeaky” clean. Paintballs will always have a “slick”, oily feel to them. So even after you wipe them down, they will have a residue on them.

Additional information

Weight 1.650 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 4 cm


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