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JPX 2 Shot Cartridge for Piexon JPX Pepper Gun

JPX 2 Shot Cartridge for Piexon JPX Pepper Gun


Only 1 left in stock

JPX Jet Portector OC 2-Shot Magazine
10% Oleoresin Caspicum
2.5% Capsaicinoids
400,000 Scoville Heat Units

Only 1 left in stock


The JPX emits only a minimum of airborne irritant agent droplets causing the undesired cross-contamination. This makes Piexon products also suitable for indoor use. The technology of “shooting” vs spraying of the liquid OC irritant not only improves accuracy but also significantly reduces the risk of generating aerosols small enough to enter into the respiratory system, which can be harmful for asthmatics.

In regards to the irritant OC agent used, we rely on a trusted formula and years of experience in testing. Capsaicin has proven to be the most reliable irritant agent when used against assailants under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as against animals. To be able to make a reliable statement on the required minimum safety distance we have conducted extensive wound-ballistic tests performed by a trusted and well known ballistic expert.

The cartridge of the Jet Protector magazine contains 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) with 2.4% Capsaicinoid spray.

One magazine is included with the JPX frame. The magazines are sold separately from the gun frame with two charges per magazine. In addition, on can order a training magazine that is filled with food grade marker dye.

ATTENTION: Minimum Safety Distance 1.5 meters

The very fast Jet Protector is water resistant and both light weight and compact, and in conjunction with the strongest Capsaicin formulation on the market, it makes the Piexon product the most effective chemical in the less-lethal weapons available today!

One of the best non-lethal weapons that has been proven to effectively deter an attacker is pepper spray. Many police forces and other authorities around the world use these sprays, and they are an extremely effective deterrent. However, pepper spray, Pepperballs, when used or owned in the UK is considered an offensive weapon, which makes it ILLEGAL to own and carry.


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