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3oz CO2 – Ballistic Tank

3oz CO2 – Ballistic Tank


In stock

  • Great all round CO2 tank
  • 3oz  mini tank is perfect for a self defence paintball gun’s because of size and weight
  • 40 to 55 shots per 3oz Ballistic tank

In stock


This chart shows an estimated amount of how many shots you will get from your CO2 tank. These values generally represent a standard outdoor temperature of 20º C. Additional conditions apply, which are listed at the bottom of the page.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Tanks:
  • Shots per tank depends on the velocity of your marker. If you use a longer barrel, you are using a more volume of gas to propel the paintball to the desired velocity. The more the gas used, less shots per tank, obviously. Certain low-pressure markers alternately require a minimum length for the barrel; this if you use a shorter length then more gas will similarly be required.
  • With both CO2 and HPA, the colder the temperature becomes, the less shots per tank. This is because when the temperature lowers, so does the tank pressure. When tank pressure lowers, volume of gas used increased, and efficiency decreases.
  • Pressure will begin to equalize itself with the outside air for the split-second that the gun’s valve is open (when you fire the marker). For that brief moment the tank’s temperature will drop slightly in accordance to the gas being pushed out, and as said before when temperature drops so does pressure, and when pressure drops you get less shots per tank. After the tank is closed off from the outside air, its temperature begins to normalize again, albeit slowly. Usually the tank does not get enough time to re-normalize the temperature of the gas thus you get less shots then theoretically possible. Because of this the numbers listed below are more theoretical then practical, as in if you were to fire your marker once per minute you would see higher values, however while playing you will probably see a bit less.
  • Keep in mind that different markers experience different efficiency rates.

Additional information

Weight0.255 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 13.3 cm


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