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  • ThunderFlash or Flash Bangs
  • Used for distraction and diversion.
  • Simulation Grenade device for milsim reenactment
  • 1.4G  Black Powder  – Military standard equivalent.
  • UN0336, Fireworks, 1.4G
  • 7 Second Fuse Destination
  • WARNING EXPLOSIVE  – Not for sale to under 18

Out of stock

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ThunderFlash grenade are used to distract and confuse they are also used as a non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy’s senses. (Stun Grenade)

Size: 94mm x 29mm

WARNING EXPLOSIVE  – Not for sale to under 18

Don not hold in hand, place on the ground , light fuse and get away.

Do not place in a closed container.

Do not carry in pocket or in your on your clothing

Consumer Fireworks Information
UN0336, Fireworks, 1.4G

No chemical composition is released or exposed during normal handling, storage and transportation. In the event of a vehicle fire or intense that reaches the cargo area, the Thunderflashes are likely to ignite.  Smoke and potentially irritating gases will be produced in such a fire. If the Thunderflashes are spilled as the result of an accident but do not ignite, they can be picked up and repackaged with caution. The area should be kept clear of non-essential people while this is being done.

Emergency Action

In case of fire, stop traffic, isolate the immediate area, and deny entry. Keep non-essential people away.

Fire in cargo area can be fought with water spray if necessary, although disposal and site clean up will be simplified if material is allowed to burn. Try to prevent other types of fire from reaching the cargo area.

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and structural firefighter’s protective clothing will provide some limited protection. Firefighters should retreat if fire approaches cargo area, and use unmanned hose holder to direct water spray on fire.

Truck fire (other than cargo area): Flood with water. Tire fires may re-start. If possible, unhook and separate tractor from trailer. Remove vehicle that is not involved in fire from fire area if you can do so without risk. If cargo area is exposed to heat and flames, direct water spray on outside of container to cool it down. Continue spray until well after fire is out.

Cargo fire: Do not move cargo or vehicle if cargo has been exposed to heat.

Withdraw from area if and when fire reaches cargo and let fire burn, if situation allows. If fire must be fought, flood with water spray. Use firefighting team to prevent spread of fire to adjacent structures and materials.

Promptly isolate the scene by removing all persons from the vicinity of the incident. First, move people out of line-of-sight of the scene and away from windows. Obtain more information from appropriate authorities listed on the shipping papers.

Spill of Cargo

Shut off ignition sources. There should be no flares, smoking, tools capable of producing sparks, or flames in the vicinity of the spilled material.

Cautiously pick up the spilled devices and place them in cardboard cartons.

First Aid

Call emergency medical care.

Use first aid treatment according to the nature of the injury.

Please use responsibly and keep away from pets.


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