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Paintball CO2 Refill Station

Paintball CO2 Refill Station


Out of stock

Fill Station to fill all standard CO2 Tanks.

  • Dual Valve Fill Station
  • Will fit all standard Paintball CO2 Tanks.
  • Used to refill  your own co2 tanks
  • Save  time from going to field or shop
  • Start your own business refilling co2

Out of stock


High Pressure hose line with Dual Valve is a basic co2 refill station and is used to refill  your own tanks, and can save you time from going to field or shop.

It has a valve to release the CO2 and one to fill the CO2, A steel braided hose line makes them extra durable and long lasting.

• High Pressure Hose
•  Tank Connector – ASA
• Dua 1/4 Turn Valves
•  Fill Valve W/On/Off
• Fit South African (Afrox) Co2 main fill tank

 CO2 Refilling Instructions

Please ensure that all bottles to be filled are in date and that the o-rings are not damage.

  • Connect part A of the Xtreme-pro refilling station  to the large tank of co2 that you are going to use for refilling from, ensure that part B and C are in the closed position.
  •  Connect your small paintball co2 tank to the part marked D
  • Screw down part E on top of part D to depress the valve pin on your co2 tank, open valve C, this will let any leftover co2 in your bottle out, you must always let all the leftover co2 out of your tank before you refill it, as you cannot top up a 1/2 full co2 tank.
  • Close valve C and open the main tap valve on the large co2 tank, then open B slowly for about 15 seconds, you will hear the co2 running from the big tank into to the small co2 tank. The sound will stop when the tank is fill. (A 12 0z bottle should weigh about 950g when fill,  it takes +- 450 grams of co2 to fill it)
  • Close B unscrew E and open C to release the pressure left in the hoses, please note a rush of excess co2 will emit from the co2 re-filler vent port.
  • Close C and unscrew your co2 tank, your tank is now full and can be used on your paintball gun.
  • Close  the large CO2 main tank tap if you are not going to refill any more.

The main refill tanks are avalibale for rent from AFROX South Africa the tank below is used with the xteme-pro co2 refilling station

Additional information

Weight0.525 kg
Dimensions6 × 15 × 23 cm


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