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Field Blaster Paintball Shotgun Kit Field Set Up

>>>>Field Blaster Paintball Shotgun Kit Field Set Up

Field Blaster Paintball Shotgun Kit Field Set Up


  • 10 X field Blaster shotguns
  • 10 x hoppers
  • 10 x barrel safety plug
  • 10 x Field masks


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The Field Blaster Paintball Shotgun Kit Field Set Up is all the equipment you need in one kit for a kids low impact paintball field set up.

FIELD BLASTER .50 CAL Paintball shotgun
Charger included: capacity of 100 .50 cal Paintballs

The BLASTER is the evolution of FIELD PAINTBALL’s spring powered 0.50 cal paintball markers. It is designed for easier maintenance, greater endurance, as well as better operation and player experience.

No compressed air or CO2 required.
Recommended age: 8+
130 FPS with 0.50 cal Paintballs.

– All parts are sold separately.
– Easy maintenance and cleaning.
– Parts do not bounce when the Blaster is dismantled.

– Hand protector and receiver reinforced with more ribs. Manufactured in ABD + Fiber.
All internal parts are made of the most durable nylon fiber.
– Stronger charger; thicker and with improved materials.
– Improvement of Joints; more airtight.

– Very low profile, even with the charger in place. More compact storage, easier to carry.

– Easy filling charger. No elbow required. Strong Slide-style fit.
– Vertical loading. Easy charger mounting. Designed to avoid ball blocking.
– Longer spring. Easy pull pump for all ages.
– New Hop-up provides improved range and trajectory.
– Barrel made of Nylon Fiber. Better balance and weight distribution.
– Ergonomic design. High performance. Robust and comfortable to wear.

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