Just like old Fords never die, the EG Classic T-Shirt is the logo shirt that lives on. Each version that is released has small differences giving them an originality each season. If you happen to own a V1, we will happily buy it back from you. This is the V5. The white logo has temporarily dropped in favour of shirt that you can wear in the game field. V6 is rumoured to be a black logo on olive.
The EG Classic is always an olive shirt. Mostly the body of our T-shirts is hug fit. That’s not skinny, but it’s not generous either. What is important here is how do the arms fit? Snugger than your average T-shirt, designed to highlight your guns, don’t be ashamed of that, you’re a man. Ideal fit for your average superhero. That’s you by the way. EG Grenade Co. soft goods. Everyday armour. Protect yourself from the norm.

50% Cotton / 50% Polyester