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9ci/3000psi Ballistic Aluminum HPA Compressed Air Tank

>>>>9ci/3000psi Ballistic Aluminum HPA Compressed Air Tank

9ci/3000psi Ballistic Aluminum HPA Compressed Air Tank


Out of stock

  • 9CI
  • Comes Complete with 3000PSI REGULATOR

Out of stock


The new Ballistic tanks in stock are a great all round HPA air  tanks. This 9ci mini air tank is perfect for a self defence paintball gun because of its mobility and weight. You can expect to get about 80 shots per 9ci Ballistic tank depending on what marker you’re using as well as how high your velocity is set to.


  • High performance HPA tank regulator
  •  800 psi output
  • Mini Gauge
  •  Mini Fill Nipple
  • 3000 psi Rated
  • – Shot Capacity (.43 Caliber): ~130+ Shots
  • – Shot Capacity (.68 Caliber): ~80+ Shots


  • Shots per tank depends on the velocity of your marker. If you use a longer barrel, you are using a more volume of air to propel the paintball to the desired velocity. The more the air used, less shots per tank, obviously. Certain low-pressure markers alternately require a minimum length for the barrel; this if you use a shorter length then more air will similarly be required.
  • With both CO2 and HPA, the colder the temperature becomes, the less shots per tank. This is because when the temperature lowers, so does the tank pressure. When tank pressure lowers, volume of gas used increased, and efficiency decreases.
  • Keep in mind that different markers experience different efficiency rates.

Note: Tank is empty when purchased and must be filled locally. Filled tanks cannot be shipped and are available in store only for an extra fee.

Additional information

Weight .385 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 4.7 × 20.5 cm


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