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Smoke Grenades - Enola Gaye

>>Smoke Grenades - Enola Gaye

Smoke effects, smoke Grenades, smoke bombs are widely used in sport TV Commercials wedding Photography and film production colorful Smoke grenade are simple, effective and produces a high volume of colored smoke for approximately 90 seconds.

Smoke Grenades are ideal for paintball and airsoft game scenarios where cover is sparse & the opposition may have the upper hand. Deploy this smoke grenade and you can flip the tables creating cover and obscuring the opposition’s visibility.

Red Smoke Grenade

Once you have removed the protective cap, pull the ring sharply to the side of the unit and let it go to work.

Originally developed for Paintball & Airsoft Games smoke is now used in many different industries such as Film & TV Production, Combat Training, Fire Training Exercises, Real First Aid Training & Professional Photography. We are also starting to find our smoke grenades being used for training by many European Military & Police Forces as a more cost effective alternative to the M18 smoke.

Yes they are designed to be hand held devices . We recommend that you wear gloves and eye protection.

Pulling the ring ignites the product, smoke will start to emit from the top of the product. Sparks can be emitted, also throughout the function of the product hot ash may be emitted, this is uncommon but should be accounted for.

The device does start to warm up through the function of the product. Internally you have a small amount of composition that is burning; during its function the product will become warm, similar to that of a hand warmer. Once the product has finished producing smoke, the casing will continue to warm gradually until the point where it may be uncomfortable to hold. It will not get hot enough to burn the skin.

We manufacture our products so that they are cost effective, if you are at all unsure or if you have not used EG smoke products before, buy several extra units and make your own risk assessment. Always read the instructions before use.

All Smoke Grenades are sent directly from the supplier to you and are not kept in stock at our warehouse.
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