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Have you been searching for a simple, yet effective
method of self-defense that really works?
In South Africa it is not against the law to protect yourself with a paintball gun,
this has proven to be one of the most affective ways of crime prevention in many states and thought the word its quick, easy, light and


Super Hard Skull Breakers© R140 per 100

Personal and Military self protection Less lethal rounds .68 cal

These projectiles are extremely dense injection -molded Nylon rounds designed for maxim impact and distance.They are also used to break vehicular and structural glass upon impact during hostage or barricade incidents and are ideally followed by pepper ball rounds.Please use skull Breakers© responsibly.



Warning Shots R120 per pack 100
Less lethal PVC rubber rounds will let your receiver know about it the less lethal way.
Black colour hide the round at night surprising your intruder not you.
These rounds are softer than skull breakers and will not bounce back .68 cal and .35 grams per round

Xtreme-pro Super Hot Mill Spec Pepper Ball Rounds  R165 pod 10

Xtreme-pro pepperball rounds contain extremely high levels of capsaicin and other enhancing agents.



A pepperball projectile, also called a pepper-spray ball, is a hard plastic ball filled with a powdered chemical that irritates eyes ,nose and breathing. Shot from any paintball gun a fragile ball which breaks upon impact and releases a super irritant powder called PAVA (capsaicin II) pepper.


Non Lethal Black Training Rounds R50 per 100

Leaves a Yellow Non permanent  splats which can easily be wiped off with water.

looks just  like skullbreakers

Soft  and perfect for security and less lethal training.


New Tippmann TiPX R2950

• Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull
• 2 Self-Locking 7-Ball true feed Magazine Clips
• Quick Release Magazine Feed System
• Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System
• Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap
• External Velocity Adjuster
• Internal Regulator
• Ability to Add Remote Line
• Ergonomically Designed Grip
• Removable Barrel with X7,A5,BT Threads
• Maintenance kit is included
• Deluxe carrying case is included
• Effective Range: 35 to 50 meters


TiPX Mega protection pack R3295

TiPX, 2 magazines, 50 Skull breakers, 50 training rounds, Micro Red laser sight, 5 X 12g co2 tanks, safety barrel plug and tool kit, FREE carry case




Xtreme-pro Tactical leg holster R285




Valken SW1 Self Defence kit R1750

Valken SW1, 4oz co2,  50 round Hopper and 50 skull breakers


BT4 Slice Self Defense Kit R1895

 New BT4 combat Slice 4oz co2,  50 round Hopper and 50 skull breakers


Spyder MRX DLS   Mega Protection Kit R2895

This is the perfect weapon for self defence as it has dual feeding from both magazine and hopper by the simple turn of the barrel, this weapon is capable of velocities between 200 and 400fps, and is being used by the military and security officers for Less Leathal defence and combat training

 Spyder MRX , 4oz co2 tank

50 skull breakers


Bear Grylls Survival Knife R695

Bear Grylls Knife Ultimate Fixed Blade

Knife Features:
- Half Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade: ideal for edge retention and cutting rope.
- Ergonomic textured rubber grip: maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
- Stainless Steel Pommel: At base of handle for hammering
- Emergency Whistle: Integrated into lanyard cord
- Open length: 25.4cm
- Blade Length: 12.2cm

Sheath Features:
- Fire Starter: Ferrocerium Rod locks into sheath, striker notch incorporated into back of knife blade
- Nylon Sheath: Lightweight, military grade, mildew resistant
- Land to air rescue instructions
- Diamond Sharpener: integrated into sheath for on-the-go sharpening


  800 000V Anti Riot Tazer R750

Extremely formidable shock power from a safe range of 5 Meters will take down over 97% of all attackers in less than a second. Compact and easy to use by anyone, it is the ultimate everyday self defense weapon. Easily concealed in pocket or purse, it's "knock down" power is readily available to quickly take down assailants instantly and effortlessly. Completely nonlethal with no lasting side effects, so it is safe to keep in your home, car, office, purse, or briefcase. Because it is not classified as a firearm it is Legal. Free Holster, Carry case not included.


Pepperball FlashLauncher R3995 or pepperball HD kit R4895

The PepperBall FlashLauncher system combines a flashlight and a PepperBall launcher in one product. Its bright 100 lumen flashlight well illuminates your immediate surrounding such as the inside of vehicles, rooms to be searched, corrections cells, etc. and person sized objects at target accurate range. Law enforcement or corrections officers can quickly assess situations and, if needed, immediately launch up to 5 PepperBall projectiles in semi-automatic fashion. This makes the FlashLauncher a first choice less-lethal option in many scenarios including room entries, room or cell searches, cell checks and extractions, traffic stops, DUI check points, or defensive tactics. The FlashLauncher can be recharged and mounted at your agency or in your vehicle. Officers can quickly bring a fully charged unit with them for use, and holster for carry. Built in laser to more quickly and accurately acquire targets.

Sold as a unit or,

HD (Home Defense) kit with 2 X batteries,2 X pod 10 pepperballs,  2X pod 10 practice rounds 10 X 12g co2 tanks and a carry case

• 5 shot semi-automatic action, launches PepperBall projectiles
which strike with 10-12 ft. lbs. of force.
• Target accurate at ranges up to 30 feet.
• 100 lumen flash light to illuminate what you aim at including
the inside of corrections cells, vehicles, etc.
• Focused beam illuminates person size object at target
accurate range.
• Immediately available self contained unit, does not require staging.
• Laser sight for improved accuracy.
• Works with custom holster and recharge station for agency or car.

check out the youtube video:

Handcuffs R135
  • These standard steel handcuffs are nickel plated and incorporate Double Locking.
  • 2 keys supplied with each set.






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