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Zero Kick Hammer R550

The Zero Kick Hammer™ is most profound performance upgrade you will ever experience in a Tippmann or BT Marker.

Using our patent pending MRT Technology we have reduced the internal moving mass of the bolt assembly by nearly half. Say goodbye to the clunky,

kicking' like karate, hand-numbing,operation that you have come to expect from Tippmann style markers.

Say hello to a new age of smoother cycling, higher rates of fire, and above all else...


Hair Pin Trigger Kit R195

The Hair Pin Trigger Kit is designed to make any electronic, manual, or responded Tippmann trigger faster and more sensitive.

Tippmann  Hair Pin Trigger Kit  kit fits all  markers The kit comes complete with 5 different pin sizes which will allow you

  to fine tune your trigger and sear positions for maximum performance. Overall the pins make any trigger shorter and easier to pull.

This makes for less time between shots, and for people using e-grips...less battery use with each shot.


Tecth T Squishy Paddles R290

Now also in Xtreme-pro RED, perfect for Pepper Balls R160

Cylone Feed Squishy Paddles are designed to help players using any Tippmann Cyclone Feed eliminate ball breakage due to cold temperatures,

brittle paint and high feed rates and pepper balls.


Lightening Rod R350

The Lightening Rod is designed to work in conjunction with our Vortex Mod and Quick Exhaust Piston Housing. Together, the parts will yield higher rates of fire,

and increased air efficiency.The secret to the performance gains is the brass bushing located where the ratchet and piston rod met.

The Lightening Rod is made of 7071 grade anodized billet aluminum which is stronger than any other like it.


Xtreme-pro Full Tippmann cyclone feed mod kit R695

The Vortex Mod is specifically designed to be the fastest, smoothest actuating, and most durable/long lasting upgrade available.

he Vortex Mod will feed upwards to 30+ balls per second and continue to load down to pressures as low as 150psi.

Stock parts only feed up to 15 balls per second and only down to a pressure of 400 psi

New Teck T Vortex Mod SS R525

The Vortex Mod SS now incorporates a stainless steel axle and design changes to make it the most
durable and easiest upgrade to install.

Xtreme-pro TFPH R250

The TFPH is designed to rapidly vent the blast of air that is used to advance the loader. By venting the gas quickly, the loader responds instantly.

This equates to faster loading with lower pressure.


New  W/SS Tippmann A5  Pro-Gold  Power Tube R395

Adds a strong virtually unbreakable upgrade to your paintball marker.

Designed specially for the new w/ss A5 with slick gold finish and new look

NEW Quick Silver Power Tube R425

Super Slick Quick Silver power tube for Bt4, tippmann 98, Sierra one, Bravo one, Chronus and Tango one markers

Adds a virtually unbreakable upgrade to you marker,making it faster,and more air efficient,with its new super slick.


New Design Tippmann Fire Bolt R195

Fits all Tippmann A5 and 98 models

New design for less ball breaks and a smoother shot

Tippmann A5 w/ss Pro Gold Valve Complete R395


Tippmann TPX remote line adapter kit R350

Installs in the TPX pistol to allow use with CO2 tank and remote line.

kit does not include the remote line




Tippmann A5 Response Trigger kit R1135

Drop-in kit for the Tippmann Phenom and A5 w/ss. The Response trigger kit increases your trigger speed by resetting the trigger and sear with excess gas during firing. This gas is used to operate a cylinder behind the trigger to do the resetting. The pressure of your finger on the trigger pulls it back to fire the next shot. The speed is determined by the amount of flow through the Flow Control adjuster on the side. The upper limit on the rate of fire is set by this adjuster. Capable of up to 15 Balls Per Second.


Tippmann 98, Sierra One, Bravo One Response Trigger kit R995

Drop-in kit for the Tippmann 98 Custom Sierra one ,Bravo one. The Response trigger kit increases your trigger speed by resetting the trigger and sear with excess gas during firing. This gas is used to operate a cylinder behind the trigger to do the resetting. The pressure of your finger on the trigger pulls it back to fire the next shot. The speed is determined by the amount of flow through the Flow Control adjuster on the side. The upper limit on the rate of fire is set by this adjuster. Capable of up to 15 Balls Per Second.


Tippmann Cyclone Feed System RT Adapter Kit R395

For non platinum 98, Bravo one, Sierra one & A-5 markers when running both cyclone and RT kit

 Do you want to run both a Cyclone Feed System AND an RT kit kit on your gun? Upgrade your gun with the Tippmann Cyclone RT adapter kit. This adaptor kit is necessary when running the Tippmann Cyclone feed system with the Tippmann Response Trigger kit, and when running both systems on your Tippmann Custom Pro or Tippmann 98 Custom marker.


Xtreme-pro KILL Spring sets 4pcs R165

Used For Military and less lethal purposes to give you the velocity you need,

  • No Cutting
  • Easy Installation
  • Fits all Tippmann, BT, and Valken markers


 BT4 Combat Feed Neck R175

Stock BT Replacement Feed Elbow


Xtreme-pro Tippmann A5 o-ring Kit R75

  • All the basic o-rings you could need for your  Tippmann A5 paintball gun

NEW Tippmann Multi Tool With Carabina R395


Tippmann A5 O-Ring Kit R85

Replacement O'Ring kit to suit Tippmann A5 Markers


Tippmann A5 parts kit R185

The Tippmann A-5 Universal parts kit includes everything you need to completely rebuild you A-5 paintball gun.


Tippmann 98 Parts Kit R185


The Tippmann Custom 98 Universal parts kit includes everything you need to completely rebuild you Custom 98, or Custom 98 Pro paintball gun.


Tippmann TIPX parts Kit R225

Keep your Tippmann TPX in tip-top condition with this Universal Parts Kit. It includes a full range of replacement parts for the Tippmann TPX and includes a clear plastic case with individual sections for parts.


BT4 combat parts kit R235

Players Parts Kit Includes:
  • 1-Ball Detent Assembly
  • 1-Receiver Screw
  • 1-Shock Absorber O-Ring
  • 1-Rear Bolt O-Ring (Exterior Valve O-Ring)
  • 1-Linkage Arm
  • 2-Short Receiver Screws
  • 1-Long Receiver Bolt
  • 1-Drive Spring
  • 2-Shell Nuts
  • 1-Sear Spring
  • 1-Trigger Return Spring
  • 2-Valve Screws
  • 1-Safety O-Ring
  • 1 set of Grip Frame Screws


Azodin Teck Repair Mat R145

Azodin Paintball Counter mat is perfect for working on your marker and keeping it safe from scratches.Made of soft neoprene


Exalt Vitamin G Gun Grease R195

Designed for all climate use in grease lubricated guns, in-line & low pressure regulators (1oz)


Tippmann Certified Paintball Marker Oil R 59

Tippmann Marker Oil The Tippmann Marker Oil is special formulated to keep your paintball marker operating efficiently and smoothly as possible! This oil is a warranty approved lubricant for all markers that need oil! Oil is in a 1oz container with a twist on/off pointed cap for easy application and doesn't spill all it's contains if tipped over! Pick this up and keep your Tippmann or other Paintball Gun operating just as well as you first got it! Features Warranty approved lubriaction for Tippmann or other Paintball Guns 1oz containers holds enough oil to last for the year Keep on hand in your gear bag if you need to quickly lube your gun in between games or after the day is over Twist on/off pointed cap for easy application and doesn't let the contains flow too easily to waste any oil Best oil to use on Tippmann markers; custom 98, A5, X7 (Non Phenom), Bravo, Alpha and TiPX


Xtreme Rage marker oil/spider oil R59

Keep things running smoothly with gun oil. This synthetic lubricant is perfect for all types of markers.


Empire Marker Oil R59


Tippmann E-Grip for Bravo One and Sierra one R995

  • 4 Firing Modes
  • Semi-Auto
  • 3 Shot Safety Burst
  • Full-Auto Normal - 12 BPS
  • Full-Auto Fast - 15 BP


Tippmann H.E. E-Grip with Selector Switch - A5 R1695

The all new Tippmann H.E. (Hall Effect) E-Grip for the A5 incorporates a unique, magnetically activated Hall-Effect Trigger that can fire as many as15 balls-per-second which is the (New ASTM Standard), as well as an external selector switch for changing modes on the fly.
The Tippmann A5 E-Grip features an External Selector Switch with three positions, making it easy to quickly change firing modes while on the fly.

Using the A5 E-Grip, players will be able to select between three different modes - safe (S), fire (F) and special firing (FA)

- with just the flip of a switch.

In all, the A5 E-Grip features five special firing modes, one of which can be assigned to the FA position on the external switch.
The Tippmann A5 E-Grip special firing modes include semi automatic, turbo, three-shot burst, automatic response and full safety automatic.


BT E-Grip R1250
  • Double Trigger
  • Lightweight Composite Materials
  • Sleek Push button Controls
  • Multiple Firing Modes: Semi-Auto, Adjustable Ramping, Adjustable Full-Auto
  • Fits All BT-4 Series Markers
Tippmann A5 w/ss Lower Grip Complete R595

02-20 Sear Spring x 1
02-20 Trigger Slide Spring x 1
02-20S Short Trigger Spring x 1 
02-33 Trigger Plate Pin x 4 
02-33A Sear Pin x 1 
02-35 Sear x 1 
02-38 Trigger Guard x 1 
02-67L Trigger Plate Left x 1 
02-67R Trigger Plate Right x 1 
98-19 Trigger Dowel Pin x 2
98-18 Trigger Return Slide x 1  
PL-42A Grip Screws x 3 
TA10021 Trigger, Single x 1
TA01022 Safety x 1 
TA01033 Lower Receiver Left x 1 
TA01034 Lower Receiver Right x 1 
TA01035 RT Kit Grip Plug

Energy 9v battery R55

  • Highest Amperage for 9V Alkaline: 1100mAh
  • Answer exactly to specific needs of loaders (special curve of discharge)
  • Most advanced paintball batteries you could find in the market
  • Developed for all the war games and extreme outside conditions of game
XRadar  Chronograph R1495

This chronograph measures both your feet per second to keep you safe, AND how many balls per second (bps) your gun is shooting.


  • 3 digit readout
  • 200 - 399 feet per second (fps) capability
  • 4 - 30 balls per second (bps) capability
  • Requires one 9 V battery (not included )

Hand Held Chronograph R1050


  • 200 - 399 feet per second (fps) capability
  • Battery Included


Tippmann Spare Parts

Tippmann Sear R145 


A5 Screw set R95

5X A5 body screws,1 X velocity screw and 1 X cyclone feed screw


 Tippmann Universal Ball Latch R45


 Tippmann Push pins R35


Velocity screw R45


A5 End cap R45



Tippmann A5 W/ss Front Sight R85


Tippmann Screw in Sling Mount R145


Tippmann A5 W/ss Front Grip R145




2 x Xtreme-pro offset body rail (R275 ea).

4 x Super soft pink squishy pedals (R160 ea).

1 x Tippmann A5 W/ss front sight (R85 ea).

1 x Angled Fore Grip (R285 ea).

1 x 4 piece rail covers (R150 ea).

1 x Xtreme-pro 16” Thread Barrel (R395 ea).

2 x 36mm Tippmann Push pins (R35 ea).

1 x Xtreme-pro Tippmann A5 o-ring Kit


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