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NEW Xtreme-pro CTR Carbine Tactical Stock R750

Xtreme-Pro CTR Carbine Buttstock provides a stable mil-sim platform and enhances accuracy - optimizes performance in tight, urban settings and is convenient and reliable in the field.


Xtreme-pro Aluminum Tactical Buttstock for Tippmann A5 R750

Xtreme-pro Tippmann A5 tactical stock designed specially for the new A5 model with more durability via a strong rubber stopper on the insert for less vibration.

internal stock made form aircraft grade aluminum that is virtually unbreakable.

 Xtreme-pro G36 Folding Stock for Tippmann A5 R795 out of stock

The  G36 Folding Stock, made from a special blend of fiber reinforced military grade composite that withstands freezing temperatures and doesn't absorb moisture making this stock ideal for any climate. The unique fold design allows the stock to easily be folded against the body of the marker for storage and/or close quarter engagements. One of the most versatile stocks on the market providing both look and functionality to your marker.


Approximately 10 inches long (installed)
•  Light weight military grade materials
•  Aluminum reinforced end cap
•  Folds to a full 180° laying flat against the marker



Tippmann A5 Car Stock R695

Genuine Tippmann A5 Car stock designed specially for the new 2011 model with more durability via a strong rubber stopper on the insert for less vibration

Manufactured out of high impact grade composite Includes stock and tube 6 position stock easily adjusts Ergonomically designed for better comfort Lighter weight than most stocks.Full 90 day Warranty on missing or defective parts


Tactical Buttstock for Tippmann or BT R595

Adding a unique look and added comfort, the easy-to-install Collapsible Stock Kit features three adjustable stock mounts


Tippmann Collapsible/Folding stock R795

Fits Bravo one,Sierra one and Tango One or A5


Tippmann Assault Stock and sight Kit X7 Phenom R1450out of stock

The Tippmann Assault Stock and Sight Kit helps to add a military appeal to your X7 marker by adding a adjustable stock with front and rear flip sights. The 8 Position stock allows for the marker to be longer or shorter for firing position to add in comfort and also folds for CQB scenarios. The Front and Rear sights allow you to help sight up your targets for quick shooting but also folds down when you need to pack up your gun. Easily installs in minutes to your X7 or X7 Phenom marker easily to help complete a milsim look!


  • 8 Adjustable Position Mock FN SCAR 
  • Push Button Fold up stock to allow for CQB fighting
  • Front and Rear Sights to help sight in your targets and folds down when you need to pack your gun away
  • Rugged material to stand up to heavy woodsball play



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